Heavy rains hit Gulf of Tonkin

Heavy rains have experienced on the large scale in the Northern provinces with its rainfall of 50- 100mm in recent days, announced the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center.

The rainfalls in some places like Dien Bien’s Pha Din, Hoa Binh’s Lang Son, Lang Son’s That Khe rose to 110 mm high.

Currently, the rainfall in the northern and northwestern mountain provinces have reported to increase rapidly because of low-level turbulence toward the northeastern coastal provinces.

Meanwhile, prolonged heavy rains and thunderstorms have occurred in the northeastern and north central coastal provinces. The weather situation is predicted to last until September 2 with its rainfall at 100- 200 mm, even up to over 200mm in some places.

Due to the complicated situation, the area of Gulf of Tonkin including Bach Long Vi, Co To, Van Don and Cat Hai island district have seen heavy rains, thunderstorms, cyclones and level 7- 8 strong wind, and sea rough.

By Minh Quan- Translated by Huyen Huong

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