Ice, frost to reappear in Northern region from January, 2020

The National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center has just issued warnings of ice, frost appearances and blanket of snow in the Northern mountainous region in the cold season of 2019- 2020.

Ice, frost to reappear in Northern region from January, 2020

Accordingly, the first damaging cold is forecast to overwhelm in the Northern region in January, 2020. 

Due to an influence of a cold air wave from the center of the Asian continent to the south passing through the country, the temperatures across nationwide province and cities are reducing gradually. 

The Northern region has a much cooler climate than other provinces and cities. 

Meanwhile, the Central region will continue suffer large- scale flooding and downpour situations because the cold air mass gradually spreads from the North Central to Central regions in combination with the turbulent of upper east wind. 

According to the weather experts, cold air is a major reason triggering increase of rain and flood in the Central region in the last months of every year. 

At the end of December last year, ice and snow blanket suddenly occurred in Mau Son Tourism Site in Lang Son province, Fansipan mountain peak in Lao Cai. 
Ice, frost to reappear in Northern region from January   ảnh 1 Frost appears in Mau Son Tourism Site in Lang Son province last year

BY VAN PHUC- Translated by Huyen Huong

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