Low-pressure system heads towards East Sea

The National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting in its report on November 8 at 15pm, said one more low-pressure system appeared in the Philippines’ East Central area.


Low-pressure system heads towards East Sea

At 13pm, the zone centered at 10-12 degrees north latitude; 128.5-129.5 degrees east longitude, 500km far from the Philippines’ central area in the East.

It is forecast in next 24 hours to move west west north at 15km per hour and become stronger than that. Tomorrow November 9, it will center at 11.5 degrees north latitude, 124.5 degrees east longitude in the Philippines’ central area.

It will be able to enter the East Sea on November 10.

Although the zone was operating in the Philippines’ East area but the center predicts that it will become stronger than that and able to strengthen into a storm.

VAN PHUC -Binh Mai

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