Northerners swelter under hot spell

Temperatures in the North have increased three to four degrees Celsius over recent days, with top temperatures of 38 degrees on April 18, said the National Hydro-meteorological Forecast Center.

Many people go to swiming pool in a bid cool down

Temperatures were still hovering around 28-29 degrees until last afternoon on Saturday.

The hot weather is starting to effect residents’ lives, with many people losing sleep in the hot nights.

Hanoians have tried to escape the hot weather by thronging to parks, bar and cafes, supermarkets and swimming pools in a bid cool down.

As Hanoi sweltered, there was a reported sharp increase in the number of hospital patients, many children and older people.

According to the Forecast Center, the hot spell in the North will continue until Sunday, with a cold air stream sweeping through the North and Central region reducing temperatures.

By L.Van- Translated by Thanh Huong

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