Rammasun to weaken into low pressure next 24 hours

Due to influence of the Typhoon Rammasun, Quang Ninh experienced by heavy rains and strong winds, reported by the National Meteorology Hydrology Forecast Center on July 19.

Super Typhoon Rammasun's direction on July 19 (Photo: the National Meteorology Hydrology Forecast Center)

The storm sustained wind speeds of level 6-9 at Bach Long Vi island (Hai Phong province), Co To island and Mong Cai (Quang Ninh province), Lang Son city. Meanwhile, the northeastern and northern region like Co To, Mong Cai and Cua Ong experienced heavy rains with the rainfall of level 20-43mm. 

On Saturday morning, the storm went through Vietnam-China border region. By 7 am, the storm was located at 21, 8 degrees north latitude and 108, 2 degrees east longitude. The storm sustained wind speeds of level 10-11 and gusted up to level 12-13.

On Saturday, the territorial water of the Gulf of Tonkin saw the strong wind of level 6-9. Meanwhile, the northeastern area of Quang Ninh province saw the strong wind of level 7-11. Some areas like Hai Phong, Bac Giang and Lang Son faced the wind speed of level 6-9.

Torrential rains accompanied with strong winds are forecast to shoulder the northern mountain provinces from July 19 to 20.

In the next 24 hours, the storm will move west northwestwards along northern mountain region at 20 kilometers per hour. And later, it is predicted to weaken into a tropical low pressure.

According to forecast weather, by 7am on Sunday, the low pressure will be centered at 23, 0 degrees north latitude and 104, 0 degrees east longitude. The wind speed will be the low level 6 center. 

By staff writer- Translated by Huyen Huong

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