Sarika typhoon forecast to be stronger in next 24 hours

The Sarika typhoon centered at about 14.2 degrees north latitude; 124.3 east latitude at 7:am this morning reported by the central steering committee for flood and storm control, about  360km far from the Luzon of the Philippines. Its strongest wind in the center was at 12 level.

The typhoon is forecast to move West-Westnorth in the next 24 hours, at a speed of up to 20km. On October 16, it will reach the beach of the Luzon island in the West. Its wind force level will be at 12.

In next 24 to 48 hours, the typhoon will mainly move in the west at a speed of up to 20-25km per hour and be forecast to be stronger and stronger later on.

On October 17, the typhoon will be 270km away from the Hoang Sa island in the East with a wind force level of 13.

Next 72 hours. the typhoon will be able to change its direction in West West North with 15-20km per hour.

Song Nguyen -Translated by M.Quyen

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