Storm ‘Doksuri’ moving towards East Sea

The National Hydro Meteorological Forecasting Center has said that a new tropical storm named ‘Doksuri’, operating 250km northeast of Luzon Island in the Philippines, is now heading towards the East Sea.

The national weather bureau chart shows the path of the tropical storm ‘Doksuri’ on June 28

Within the next 24 hours, Doksuri will move northwest at 20-25 kilometers an hour and may gain in strength.

Storm ‘Doksuri’ will enter the northeastern parts of the East Sea to lie at 20.7 degrees north latitude and 119.7 degrees east longitude by 7am on Friday.

Strong winds near the eye of the storm will reach level 9 to blow at 75-88 kilometers an hour.

Affected by the storm, the northeast part of the East Sea will turn rough from Thursday afternoon with wind gales gradually intensifying to level 7-8 at speeds of 39-74km an hour.

By Phuc Van - Translated by Hai Mien

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