Super Storm ‘Rammasun’ approaching East Sea

A strong storm named Rammasun, which hit East Sea on July 14, announced by the National Hydro Metrological Forecasting Center.

The direction of Super Storm Rammasun (Source:the National Hydro Metrological Forecasting Center)

The storm was located 1000 kilometers east southeastwards of Luzon Island (Philippines) at 13, 2 degrees north latitude and 130, 5 degrees east longitude with the strongest wind at level 10-12 yesterday.

By 7am on Tuesday, the storm was centered at 12, 7 degrees north latitude and 125, 6 degrees east longitude, about 520 kilometers east southeastwards of Luzon Islands (Philippines). The strongest wind speeded at level 12-13 near center and gusted up to level 15-16.

According to weather forecast, the storm will move west and change west-northwestwards at speeds 20 kph. By 7am on Wednesday, the storm will be located at 14, 2 degrees north latitude and 121, 2 degrees east longitude on the territorial water of Philippines with maximum wind speeds above 103 kph.

On July 17, Rammasun storm will be located 440 kilometers east of Paracel Islands at 17, 0 degrees north latitude and 116, 4 degrees east longitude. The storm will sustain wind speeds of level 1-12 near center and gust up to level 14-15.

Within the next 48-72 hours, the storm will continue to move slowly west northwestwards at 20 kilometers per hour.

Due to influence of the storm, the eastern territorial waters of East Sea will see strong winds above level 7 on July 16.

Because the direction of Rammasun storm is so complicated and fast, local authorities need to pay attention in order to have measures prevention.

Compiled by Huyen Huong

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