Typhoon Kai-tak to enter East Sea this afternoon

The National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center reported that typhoon Kai-tak was predicted to enter the East Sea this afternoon afterit was located at around 110 kilometers of the east- northeastward of the Philippines’ Palawan Island this early morning with its powerful wind of 60-75 kilometers an hour. 

Position of typhoon Kai-tak (Photo:NHMFC)

Position of typhoon Kai-tak (Photo:NHMFC)

The tropical storm is warned to move the west- southwestward at a speed of 20 kilometers an hour within next 24 hours.

By 1pm tomorrow, it is going to be at around 270 kilometers of the south- southeastward of the Southwest Cay Island. The strongest wind near the center could gust 60-75 kilometers per hour. 

Because of its influence, the eastern, the central and south areas of East Sea are warned to experience showery weather, thunderstorm, powerful wind of level 6-7 and sea rough. 

The dangerous zone is paralleled at 7.5- 12.0 degrees north latitude and 114.0 degrees east longitude within next 24 hours. 

In next 24- 72 hours, Kai-tak will continue moving the west- southwestward at a speed of 10- 15 kilometers an hour; and it is forecast to powerfully upgrade.

By Wednesday afternoon, its eye will be at around 170 kilometers of the eastward of the Spratly Islands. 

BY H.NAM- Translated by Huyen Huong

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