VN continues suffering complicated & unforeseeable weather

Flash flood and cyclone, unseasonable & high recorded  rains, heat waves in mid-winter, snowfall in Hanoi and Nghe An, early blooming flowers & fruits have hit the country in the recent years, showing that the current weather condition has unusually changed. 

Weather condition has unusually changed in the recent years

Professor Phan Van Tan, a lecturer of Hanoi National University said that Vietnam suffered unusual weather situations last year as damaged colds in the northern region, long-lasting serious droughts in the central highlands, south central and southern provinces, historical downpours and flooding in the central region and warm winter in the northern region; especially consultative storms appeared in the East Sea at the end of the year. 
A tropical low pressure entered the East Sea and offshore Pacific Ocean on the first days of the New Year, causing unseasonable rains swept through the southeastern, west southern and south central region influenced to traffic, tourism and farming.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has just organized a conference about weather -related natural disasters and plans for winter- spring harvest. Experts predicted that the average temperature from January to April this year will be higher than the previous years at 0.5- 1 degree Celsius.
According to Deputy Director General of the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center Le Thanh Hai, the unusual weather phenomenon has not only happened in Vietnam but also in many countries. So, weather forecast could meet difficulties.
During the last winter,  northern provinces enjoyed a warm weather condition compared to the previous years while unseasonable rains hit the southern region because cold waves moved from the northern hemisphere sloping the eastwards.
ENSO (the El Nino Southern Oscillation) is complex weather patterns resulting between El Nino and La Nina which will be in the neutral status this year. So, the temperature in the northern region this year is expected to be higher than that of previous years. Long- month rains will hit the southern region, and storm season will appear soon.

By Phuc Hau- Translated by Huyen Huong

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