Training in University Should Be Reformed


-Low cost for operation
-Large numbers of students tested in one exam.

-Students only improve their instead of their creativity
- Teacher cannot supervise and help a large number of students in class.
- Negative activities can appear.
- Students are not trained to work in groups which is necessary for recruitment and working.
- In foreign language tests, students will focus on writing skills, ignoring speaking and listening, which cause obstacles in working.

1-Universities can have new academic programs under these conditions:
-The programs aim at upgrading training quality which is appropriate with current recruitment.
- The programs must be appropriate with Vietnamese politics, culture, and economics
- The programs must be approved by the University academic staff and the Ministry of Education and Training.

2- More kinds of exam should be applied:
- A writing final test (5 marks) with assignments(5 marks)
- A writing final test (5 marks) with the average points on weekly tests (5 marks)
- Compulsory attendance in class should be confirm and checked daily. However, class hours should be reduced for students to spend more time reading books and references.
- Students can get Bachelor Degree only after they have language international certificates like TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC…
- Libraries must be well equipped with international latest documents.
- Universities and enterprises must cooperate closely in training and recruitment.
- Each lecturer should create a website in which all information about the syllabi, references, and planned exams must be announced
- The rate of employed students one year after graduation must be publicized in the mass media.

Tran Phuc - Translated by Van Hanh

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