Festival to Showcase French Culture in Ha Noi

An event titled “The French Spring Festival 2008” will take place in Ha Noi from May 18 to June 18. It will provide Vietnamese a sumptuous feast of this European country’s refined art and culture.

The opening ceremony will take place at the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology and will be followed by an exhibition named “Giving Birth” and an artistic food presentation by the Mirelaridaine Company.

Another highlight of the event is a music show which features a unique collaboration among three distinctive figures in the world of Vietnamese entertainment, musician Ngoc Dai and two skin-head female singers named Lam and Linh.

In a talk about their upcoming performances in the festival, Mr. Dai said their music show resembles a curve which goes beyond any defined structure. It portrays individuality and the freedom to explore an unknown aspect of the infinite universe.

On May 27 to 29, the dancing group +84 will offer a spectacular performance accompanied by piano and modern lighting at the L’Escape Center in Ha Noi.

Visitors will also be drawn to a photo exhibition entitled “Heritage,” to be held at the National Library from June 5 to 18.

Hanoians will also have a chance to enjoy pieces by famous composers including George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach in “Baroque and classical music show” on the evening of May 5-6 at L’Espace.

In addition, the Ha Noi Opera House will host a contemporary dance performance entitled “Continual Joy” that features baroque dance on June 11.

Cartoons and television shows will also be broadcast on national television in late May.

Ngoc Nguyen

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