Kim Tien Pagoda, A Glimpse

Located within Tien Giang Province’s town of Cai Lay (two hours travelling by car to the southwest of HCMC) lies the ancient Kim Tien Pagoda; local elders say this ancient structure was built as long ago as the 17th century in the middle of a green field surrounded by towering trees.

According to “Dia Phuong Chi,” a book published in 1902, the pagoda was built between 1740 and 1786 in what is now the Thanh Hoa Commune of Cai Lay. In the mid-18th century, it was then moved to the Cai Lay market, and has been repaired many times over its lifetime.

The Kim Tien Pagoda includes a bronze Buddha statue one-meter tall and 80cm wide, recognized as one of Tien Giang’s cultural relics. There are many other Buddha statues here, big and small, all engraved with sophisticated, unique designs.

Tourists may note the pagoda’s six lacquered boards engraved with the Chinese characters reading Kim Tien Tu, or Kim Tien Pagoda.

After over 200 years, Kim Tien continues to attract local people and pilgrims from other provinces and cities nationwide. In 1999, Kim Tien underwent another round of repairs, but it still maintains its character as a historic relic.

Reported by H. Do

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