Wax Statues and More? Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park to Show

Da Lat city is a fascinating destination that will soon house a vast underground museum of Vietnamese history beginning from the utmost antiquity. The complex will also contain Viet Nam’s only botanic garden with many rare species. The following is a vision of Da Lat in 2011 when Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park opens.


Work on Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park started last month. The project, being carried out exclusively by Thai Thinh Capital Corporation, has become a source of interest to the tourism industry due to its tremendous scale: almost 10 hectares of land, a record investment of over VND900 billion (US$56.25 million), as well as its cultural and historic significance and positive impact on tourism and socio-economic development in this Central Highlands city.

Once Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park opens to viewing, the public will get to know the concept of a live museum.

Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park will consist of two main areas: the outdoor area and botanic garden and the underground museum. The botanic garden will freely admit visitors after its completion in 2011. The whole project is being developed in an environmentally-friendly manner and is set to enhance the landscape with a green buffer zone, a sculpture garden, a garden for fairy tales and plants.

Antiques, relics, legal collections, life-sized wax statues of ancient characters featured in historic stories will provide visitors an in-depth knowledge of the country’s history.

Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park is also a “flower paradise” with original and unique species of flora from around the world. Huge baobabs from Africa, rare camellias that are hundreds of years old, and unusual Easter flower hills will see visitors falling in love with flowers.

There will be a flower square, categorized by species, seasons, and topics and placed under professional care. Flowers that need special care will be planted in an originally designed greenhouse of tens of thousands of square meters. The botanic garden will be even more dazzling at night, enhancing the beauty of Da Lat.

Because of its uniqueness, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park is sure to become a prime attraction for visitors when it opens. Thai Thinh has no hesitation in making a long-term investment and hiring hundreds of leading experts in history, architecture, sculpture, lighting, painting, and others as consultants.

Tourism development for attracting investment

With its mix of history, nature, and culture, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park is expected to become a feather in Da Lat’s cap. When it is completed, the city will be able to attract more visitors.

According to historian Duong Trung Quoc, an expert from the Viet Nam History Science Association which is providing consultancy for the project, the park will attract more investors to Da Lat since “it not only satisfies the casual sightseer but goes a bit deeper -- that is, it responds to the love of the Vietnamese people. When people love a country or a city, they will try to go there and promote investment.”

Thai Thinh Capital does not hide its pride in Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park. The company is prepared not to break even for the first 10 years, and plans to invest large sums to further enrich the botanic garden and the underground museum.

Its CEO Tran Thanh Vinh says, “This is a business project but we look more to promoting the nation’s culture and history.”

“Through this project, we’d like to help enhance the value and image of Da Lat and provide unique tourism products in Viet Nam, especially the city.

Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Park is coming up at a beautiful site in the flower city.

Lam Ngoc

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