Airbus transfers latest aviation technology to FPT

FPT Software and Airbus co-signed a letter of Intent on December 14 in Hanoi on the development of aviation technology based on Airbus’s Skywise.

Representatives of Airbus and FPT Software at the signing ceremony to develop aviation technology (Photo: SGGP)

Representatives of Airbus and FPT Software at the signing ceremony to develop aviation technology (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, FPT Software will provide about 500 professional software programmers to develop solutions for the increase of business performance in the aviation industry based on Skywise platform.
FPT Software will also participate in training Airbus’s customers and international Skywise users in how to utilize this platform.
Both parties will invest into the provision of Application Programming Interface (API) for third parties to develop applications on Skywise, the migration and maintenance of those applications.
Simultaneously, both companies will discuss the cooperation in creating services and solutions for Airbus in innovative application development, predictive maintenance applications, data analysis, and cloud computing.
Skywise, which is an open-data technology platform in the aviation industry, was introduced by Airbus in June 2017 to help all international airline companies to improve their operations as well as business results while supporting them in the process of digitalizing their data.
With the ability to collect data from various sources, Skywise will help airline companies to increase their business efficiency through the reduction of flight disruptions, the cut of maintenance costs via the use of predictive maintenance, the optimizing of flying activities and cabin management, as well as the faster decision making to cope with unexpected issues.
Furthermore, by integrating operating, maintenance, and airplane data into a safe and open platform, Skywise allows airline companies to save, access, manage and analyze these data without additional investment into infrastructure.
With Skywise, Airbus customers can take advantage of the accumulated expertise of 20,000 Airbus engineers who have monitored the performance of each aircraft in its lifelong operation.

By TRAN BINH - Translated by THANH TAM

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