Apple removes Samsung from list of manufacturing partners

According to DigiTimes, Apple has removed Samsung from its list of manufacturing partners that provide components, further straining the existing competitive conflict between the two companies.

Apple has been an important customer of Samsung for large orders of quality components, but ever since the South Korean technology company joined the global mobile market and directly competed with Apple, a fierce legal confrontation has followed. If Apple launches Apple TV as rumoured, the battle between Apple and Samsung is expected to hot up much more in 2013.

Analyst say the competition can cause long-term damage for both companies. Apple is an important partner for component manufacturers and if Samsung wants to maintain an advantage, the firm needs to invest more on research and development.

Meanwhile, Apple’s supply components will be limited to small firms, which may lead to short sales of the iPad Mini and iPhone 5.

Samsung has always met high quality standards, while the smaller firms will neither be able to meet orders or the standards required.

By P.Nam – Translated by Huyen Huong

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