BenQ presented devices for educational purposes

BenQ Corporation, which is a group on projectors for educational purposes, has just introduced its products to customers in Vietnam.

Interactive flat panels of BenQ (Photo: SGGP)

Interactive flat panels of BenQ (Photo: SGGP)

BenQ has equipped a product line with Dust Guard technology to increase the durability and avoid the decay which normally affects the quality of displayed images.
These dustproof projectors possess a sealed box to protect inner accessories, an anti-dust accumulation sensor, a hall sensor, and a dust filter to help them operate better and longer while saving the time of cleaning machine, replacing worn out parts, repairing accessories due to harmful dusts.
In addition, BenQ has presented the interactive flat panel line with a resolution of 4K, having vision-friendly and anti-bacteria properties which were certified by SGS.
The RP interactive flat panel series of BenQ can precisely support multiple touch points at one time and uses a coating of ionic silver to prevent bacteria and microbes from sticking to the screen or getting in touch with users.
In this way, BenQ hopes to provide a healthier learning and working environment.
This RPS is also equipped with the solution of smart eye-care, consisting of cutting-edge technologies like a layer of glare resistant glass, low blue light (TÜV-certified) and zero flicker, all of which reduce eyestrain and fatigue over time.
The series is available in sizes ranging from 65” to 86”. All models of RP654K, RP704K, RP750K, and RP860K are enhanced with powerful integrated tools for working and teaching.

By KIM THANH – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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