Cayen Pineapple Crops All Year Round

Farmers harvest Cayen pineapple for Ho Chi Minh City’s Plants Company (Photo: SGGP)

Cayen pineapple, which is grown a lot in provinces near Ho Chi Minh City, has yielded around the year instead of only one annual crop as before thanks to new technology applied by the city’s Plants Company.

The result ensures a sufficient quantity of the fruit for pineapple processing plants in the region. Besides, local farmers and traders expect to export some fresh pineapple for export next year.

The company has expanded its pineapple acreage to 357 hectares, including more than 100 new hectares. About 240 hectares of them are being harvested.

The company has so far harvested 7,000 tons of Cayen pineapple, selling the fruit to the city-based Tan Binh Food Export Company, supermarkets in the metropolis and Tien Giang Province’s Vegetables and Fruits Company. The company expects to crop 9,600 tons of Cayen pineapple in all this year.

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