City encourages inhabitants to use solar energy

The Science and Technology Application Center under the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Department of Science and Technology is asked to consult and support inhabitants to install solar energy panels on the roofs of buildings, hospitals, and private houses.

City encourages inhabitants to use solar energy

This is the project to evaluate the potential and feasibility of installing a solar energy system, calculating usable output capacity and the potential contributed energy to the total electricity output, building a founding database for the further development of solar energy on roofs. All are supposed to help the growth of renewable energy in HCMC.

According to the research results of the program ‘Building Solar Energy Panels on Roofs’, carried out in HCMC by the World Bank, the city has great potential in developing solar energy since more than 316,535 buildings in the area are able to have solar energy panels installed. This would harness a capacity of around 6,379MWp, which means a yearly output of 17,889GWh.

To successfully apply the guideline from the government, HCMC aims to change its energy structure so that the renewable energy will account for 1 percent to 1.74 percent of consumed energy. It will, therefore, focus on developing solar energy, especially on building roofs.

By BA TAN – Translated by Thanh Tam

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