Cooperation Agreement in ICT Administration

In the signing ceremony

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Posts and Telematics (DPT) has signed cooperation agreements on the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) administration with the DPT of Gia Lai and Tay Ninh Provinces.

The Ho Chi Minh City DPT attempts to exploit ICT potential of every province and to bring into full play the synergy of the cooperation, said Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang, Chief of the Ho Chi Minh City DPT.

The agreement included five points:

1. Organizing the State operational mechanism: the Ho Chi Minh City DPT will share experience of setting up administrative apparatus, internal administrative and “one door” mechanism; and applying ICT in administration.

2. Administration of post, telecommunication and internet businesses: the Ho Chi Minh City DPT will give advices on promulgating the government’s legal documents for people’s committees in provinces.

The Ho Chi Minh City DPT will also share experience of conducting town planning projects, development plans; inspecting, checking, and dealing with infringements in posts, telecommunications and internet.

3. Managing investment in applying and developing ICT: the Ho Chi Minh City DPT will give assistance in setting up e-government, e-commerce and update information about development trend of ICT.

4. Developing human resources: the Ho Chi Minh City DPT will share experience of developing human resources, publicize training programs of ICT applications; and give assistance in training professional staffs.

5. Attracting and providing opportunities for investors: the Ho Chi Minh City DPT will create conditions for businesses to attend seminars, conferences and fairs in order to advertising their ICT products.

The DPT is also expected to set up investment environment and promotion programs. 

Source: – Translated by Hoang Uy

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