Deputy minister welcomes 3G services

3G services offer many practical benefits at low rates, Permanent Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Le Nam Thang said September 20.

Permanent Deputy Minister of Information and Communications  Le Nam Thang hailed 3G mobile technology at an online forum on September 20 (Photo:

Speaking at an online conference on “3G technology and prospects in Vietnam,” he rejected the argument that 3G is a toy for the rich to flaunt, saying it would primarily cater to social needs.

What is important is clearly determining where and when 3G services should be introduced and for whom.

Likening the upgrade from 2G to 3G to that from black-and-white to color television, he said it would not only benefit consumers but also the economy.

He said mobile broadband would also bring benefit to the mobile industry.

Allaying people’s fears that, since 3G service costs will be higher, telecom companies will treat 2G customers like poor cousins, Mr Thang said since both 3G and 2G services would bring in revenues for companies, companies would treat them all equally.

3G would develop from the base that is 2G and not destroy it but would function in a parallel manner, he said.

Providing Internet services to rural and remote areas would be cheaper using 3G technology than satellites or cables, he added.

By Tr.Luu – Translated by Kim Chung

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