Digital transformation attracting increasing attention in Vietnam

Various conferences and events have been held lately in Vietnam to identify optimal solutions for the smooth digital transformation process of the country. The topic is earning more and more interest from the community and businesses since it to some extent decides the success of Vietnam in Industry 4.0.

Many companies are taking part in VNG CLOUD TECH DAY 2019 to seek feasible solutions for their digital transformation process. (Photo: SGGP)

Many companies are taking part in VNG CLOUD TECH DAY 2019 to seek feasible solutions for their digital transformation process. (Photo: SGGP)

As digital transformation applies advanced technologies to analyze and change current data forms into the digital one, it often utilizes cloud computing and reduces the dependence on hardware.

In the recent event VNG CLOUD TECHDAY 2019 held in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), several opinions have been raised as to how to take better advantage of cloud-based services to carry out this process.

According to Director of Human Resources in Phu My Hung Corp. Michael Chien, in the past, the staff monitoring task totally depended on handwriting and paper, which unfortunately cost so much time and effort yet yielded how results. However, thanks to the infrastructure of a cloud solution, VNG CLOUD, his organization is able to better control the quantity of workers at each site and closely monitor working safety.

Similarly, VTV Digital (a member of Vietnam Television) always faces the challenge of meeting subscribers’ demands at peak hours and on special occasions like SEA Games 30. Formerly, it opted to increase the number of servers and hired more technicians. At present, it is using a cloud-based service to flexibly adjust the quantity of servers in certain periods. The service also allows it to customize its own television services because of the integration of AI.

As stated by General Director of VNG CLOUD Vu Minh Tri, digital transformation is a necessity of all businesses in the Industry 4.0 era to ensure the competitiveness capability. Without this process, they will soon go into serious peril. Therefore, each company needs to identify its own needs as soon as possible to perform corresponding actions.

Sharing the similar purpose of finding sound solutions for digital transformation, the conference & exhibition Internet Vietnam 2019, recently held in Hanoi, revealed that in 2019, many major IT business organizations in Vietnam expressed their strong determination in becoming the leader in digital service provision and in establishing a digital society. This is a very promising signal.

However, in reality, a large number of small- and medium-scaled enterprises, especially startup ones, show very little interest in investing in this aspect. It leads to a low proportion of digital transformation nationwide.

Explaining their difficulties, these companies stated that they are confused as to where to begin, which matching model to follow, what trusted partners to cooperate with, and where to find sufficient finance for projects and technology purchases.

According to Prof. Dr. Ho Tu Bao from the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM) and the John von Neuman Institute (JVN), digital transformation is the valuable chance for all businesses thanks to its huge benefits of reducing overhead cost, approaching more customers in a long term, making wiser and quicker decisions with updated report systems, optimizing working performance. Obviously, all of these contribute to the increase in competitiveness, and thus the success of any organization.

By BA TAN – Translated by Vien Hong

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