Honda Award given to Vietnamese young engineers and scientists

Japanese Honda foundation fund yesterday announced the 11th Young Engineers and Scientists’ (Y-E-S) Award for 2016 in Vietnam.

The annual YES Award aims to encourage and support young engineers and scientists in developing countries. Vietnam is the first country whose students Honda has given the award since 2006 under the cooperation between Honda Foundation Fund, Honda Vietnam and the National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Honda award 2016 includes two kinds: one is Honda Y-E-S and other is Y-E-S Plus. Honda Y-E-S worth US$3,000 and a Honda motorbike will be granted to 10 excellent students selected through application, essay and interviews.

Y-E-S Plus award is the second phase. Within three years after receiving Honda Y-E-S award, every laureate has opportunity to apply for Y-E-S Plus worth US$10,000 if they pursue a Master or Ph.D course in schools cooperating with Japanese schools or if they work in Japanese schools, institutes and labs from 10 weeks to one year.

This year, the award in Vietnam will be given to students from two more schools including International University under the Vietnam National University and Science University under Hue National University, bringing the number of schools receiving the award to 10.

After 10 years, the Honda Y-E-S Award has been given to 100 excellent students and 18 of them were pursuing master or working in experience. In addition, many students had a chance to receiving other scholarships to study further in developed countries such as the US, France.

According to the award organizer, the application should be not later than July 15, 2016. Students in schools cooperating with Japanese schools with great achievements in technology, science and actively partaking in social activities are encouraged to apply for the award.

By Huong Giang - Translated by Anh Quan

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