Internet Connection in Vietnam to re-operate normally on October 4

Concerning to the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) submarine cable was cut on September 15, causing 40 percent of internet connectivity had been lost, the FPT Telecom said on September 17 that AAG Units have planned to overcome the damage.

Accordingly, AAG has started to repair the cable and on September 29, the repair ship will reach to the damaged cable area. The cable will be repaired on October 1 and it is expected to be completed on October 3.

On October 4, the cable will be laid on the sea bed, at that time; AGG ensures that 100 percent internet connectivity in Vietnam will be overcome.

The AGG management center said international internet users in Vietnam, Hong Kong and the US will have to face slow internet connection within 16 days.

This is the third time this year that the cable has been damaged.

T.Binh –Translated by Thanh Tran

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