Internet Expanded to Remote Regions

A farmer searches for information on Internet

IT demand in remote areas is growing rapidly. Farmers search for information on farming techniques, animal husbandry, aquaculture, market price, policies and laws on the internet.

A farmer in An Giang Province said, “Earlier, I had to get information from hamlet’s radio station, club’s meetings, or meetings with agricultural engineers, companies and producers of insecticide. There was little information on economy, society, law and agriculture.”

In order to meet the demand, An Giang Province Department of Science and Technology has provided free computers, printers, internet connection, and manuals on searching for information online for five farmer clubs.

They include Nui Voi Club (Tich Bien District), Binh Phu (Chau Phu District), Oc Eo (Thoai Son District), Binh Thanh Dong (Phu Tan District) and Vinh Nhuan (Chau Thanh District).

This program is part of the project on popularizing the internet in rural areas, aiming to encourage farmers to access IT.

“Thanks to the internet, farmers in my commune today can breed a species of snake named “Ri Voi” for meat. Particularly, I found out information on the internet that fertilizer’s price was going down, and told to everybody to buy a small amount of fertilizer at a time and not to rush buying it at high price for stockpiling,” said Mr. Tran Van Luc, deputy chairman of the Farmer Association in Nui Voi Commune, Tinh Bien District.

By using internet, farmers have found out appropriate measures to protect their crops. “If you have trouble with insects, come to us. We can help you find appropriate measures to eliminate them,” said Mr. Lang Hoang Dung, Chairman of the Farmer Club in Vinh Nhuan Commune, Chau Thanh District.

He remarked that when changing the crop or animals for breeding, people often follow the crowd. Sometimes the early comers are successful, but the late are not.

Therefore, everyday, Mr. Dung usually searches for information on plant varieties along with their prices on the internet and report it to the farmers in his commune.

So far, the Club has collected 268 articles from the internet, mainly on agricultural techniques, aquaculture, policies, laws, and health. It has also provided information 26 times to farmers in the commune and 78 articles for the local radio station.

Those articles have been broadcast over the communes in the province, paving the way for idea exchange on online forums on agriculture and rural life. The internet has helped farmers in An Giang Province narrow the gap between urban and rural areas.

By Quoc Hung – Translated by Hoang Uy

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