IT & telecommunications industry achieves big sales in 2016

Ministry of Information & Technology (IT) reported  that its accrued revenue was estimated by VND 1,337, 857 billion (around US$ 59.4 billion), an increase of 9.36 percent compared to the same period of last year and being higher 6.7 percent of the national target range for 2016 Gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

Of these, revenue convergence in journalism reached around VND 13, 912 billion (US$ 617.4 million); VND 2,245 billion (US$ 99.6 million) in printing and delivering sector; VND 16,800 billion ((US$ 745.6 million) in post; VND 365,500 billion (US$ 16. 2 billion) in telecommunications; VND 939,400 billion ((US$ 41.6 billion) in information and technology industry.

The total contribution to the state budget was estimated at VND 145,915 billion ((US$ 6.4 billion) (around 109.06 percent of the year plan) and approximately 14.38 percent of balance revenue of the state budget in 2016.

This year, the IT industry has completed economic and social target with total 131 subscriptions per 100 people, 10.11 internet subscriptions over 100 people, rate of television convergence reached about 95 percent of the country ...

By Tran Binh- Translated by Huyen Huong

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