Korea supports Mekong Delta in mechanism for agriculture

Korean Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative (Kamico) in coordination with Vietnam-Korean Industrial Technology Arboretum Development Center has organized conference themed “Supporting mechanism for agriculture in Vietnam”.

Mr. Nakwoo Choi, coordinator of Kamico said, Kamico wants to share experience in mechanism for agriculture in the mekong delta and it is expected to launch for the 2014-2018 period that Korean will support US$ 25million (from non-refundable ODA) to carry out a mechanism for agriculture project in Mekong Delta.

Accordingly, the project will equip for Mekong Delta modern agricultural machines that produced with Korean modern technology.

Experts of Korean Science & Progressive technology Institute said that Vietnam’s agricultural products have not met high-standard demand, yet.

Mr Nguyen Nang Nhuong, Deputy of Agriculture & Technology Institute said, in Vietnam, for instance, the drier only treats for 45 percent of rice yield. The loss after harvest is very high from 10 to 13 percent while machines made in Vietnam occupy 40 percent of market share and imported second-hand agricultural machines is 15 percent.

After all, Mr Nhuong suggested cooperating with Korean partners to manufacture the tractor with its capacity of 25 to 40 HP and other modern agricultural machines.

B.Dai- Translated by M.Quyen

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