Local Anti-Virus Package Gets Update

Bach Khoa Internet Security Centre (Bkis) has unveiled BkaVEnterprise, the latest full anti-virus package developed by Vietnamese IT and communication experts. It will provide enterprise with the most up-to-date, extensive and continuous protection for their network and computer.

The package consists of server-based anti-virus software, an anti-virus software based at sharing-points of one’s local-network-area (LAN), a gateway-based anti-virus software and an accompanying back-up service.

Developed from cutting-edge multi-layer technology, BkavEnterprise automatically scans and removes suspicious threats either directly via Internet downloads or indirectly via LAN users.

Moreover, the software’s manageable interface allows admins to update all potential threats on the entire network. Admins can select scanning schedules and methods, prepare to run tasks, and store and then check the task’s results without interfering with the server.

Software integrated into hardware (Bkav Appliance) is also available for business users from Bkis.

The centre further provides customers with full back-up services from more than 180 of Bkav’s anti-hackers at its three contact centres.

BkavEnterprise is a step forward to allow Vietnamese coders to seize the Vietnamese market of anti-virus software for enterprises, according to Nguyen Tu Quang, director of Bkis centre .Though demand for such products is high, previously only been met with foreign products like Kapersky or Symantec.

Two anti-virus softwares written by Bkis developers, BkavPro and BkavHome already earned local popularity for its friendly interface and sensitivity to domestically written viruses and malwares.

More than 9.5 million Vietnamese use the anti-virus software with 219 sub-distributors in 56 provinces. Now available in 90 countries, it is downloaded an average of 115,000 times every day, according to the centre.

“We expect BkavEnterprise will be the building blocks in becoming a clearinghouse for the latest information in the global battle against computer viruses within the next five years,” says Quang.

Source: VNA

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