Microsoft introduces new developments on smart security

Microsoft has just officially announced new tools and technologies regarding smart security in San Francisco to help businesses protect their precious data as well as local networks from emerging cyber threats and potential risks related to Internet of Things (IoT) devices or edge devices.

Microsoft announced their new developments on smart security

Microsoft announced their new developments on smart security

These new solutions can be used to strengthen the defense of large ecosystems against cyber security hazards coming from cloud computing and edge computing.

Azure Sphere is the first general platform ever to be able to create highly secure connections between microcontroller units (MCUs) for smart edge. This new platform has MCUs that are over five times more powerful than older MCUs. These MCUs will be run by an optimized operating system to guarantee IoT security, along with cloud security to protect all Azure Sphere devices. With Azure Sphere, Microsoft has expanded the smart edge, boosted the capacity of a new generation of equipment while successfully protecting them. 

Another introduction is the smart security solution called Office 365 Security Score and Attack Simulator to not only simplify tasks but also ensure safety. Secure Score helps organizations easily identify which settings to activate to protect users, data, and devices by quickly estimating how aligned users are with best security practices. It will then assign a general security score. Attack Simulator, a part of Office 365 Threat Intelligence, allows security groups to run simulated attacks similar to ransomware and phishing to test employees’ reactions as well as optimize the configurations.

One more noticeable development is the solution to automatically detect potential threats and then erase them, which is a time relief to security groups. Accordingly, in the latest update of Windows 10, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) will work alongside with other parts of Microsoft 365 to ensure security against threats by investigating and fixing security risks in Office 365, Windows and Azure. This means that the latest update of Windows 10 will be able to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence and advanced machine learning models to quickly detect and respond to threats of any scale in terminals in a few seconds.

According to Mr. Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, all the damages caused by cyber-attacks last year signal a fact that cyber security threats are becoming larger and more serious. Therefore, we need new technological breakthroughs to stop them. The developments of Microsoft today are not only for cloud computing but also for millions of new devices which are working at the edge of international networks.

By KIM THANH – Translated by Yen Nhi

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