Prof. Dr Dang Luong Mo desires to develop chip industry in homeland

At the age of over 80, Prof. Dr Dang Luong Mo is still lucid and nimble, and always has desired to create more and more properties and wealth for the country which has made everyone to be proud of him.

Leaving the sunrise country-Japan in 2002 when he was 66 years old, Prof. Dr Dang Luong Mo came back to the motherland with his expectations of  “What I have experienced over 40 years living in Japan, especially the spirit of undaunted struggle of the nation after the World War II helped the country to become the second biggest economy of the world which make us study and follow to develop…”. He witnessed the miraculous development of Japan and desired that Vietnam could develop and get a such outstanding achievement.

Prof. Dr Dang Luong Mo posed with a painting of “Red Gate AKAMON”, a souvenir from his professor when he was in Japan.

Before coming back to Vietnam for living, Prof. Dr Dang Luong Mo had mobilized many universities, funds in Japan to support lecturers, lovers for chip industry to attend a refresher course in the country. He also helped promoting the bilateral cooperation agreement between Hosei University, where Prof. Dr Dang Luong Mo was a professor and dean for around 20 years, and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology since 1999 up to now.

With his mobilization, Hosei University agreed to support 100 percent funding framework for accommodation, study and research expenses for Vietnamese people being sent to Japan for 12 months. Up to now, 50 Vietnamese people has participated in the program, contributing for the development of the country's chip industry.

Prof. Dr Dang Luong Mo said the chip industry brings an opportunity for the country’s development, adding that Vietnam has ever lost a lot of chances to get a free technology transformation project and chip production from Japan. In addition, 14 years ago, Vietnam had a great project of chip manufacturing technology development with Japan but it had not been approved.

It is reasonable for him to think that the chip industry has helped Japan to experience the miraculous development and this trend has been developed to South Korea, Taiwan (China)…

The Professor highly appreciated the chip industry hoping that the country will have more opportunities to develop this industry. He expressed his pleasure that Ho Chi Minh City has launched the development programs for the chip industry.

The city has had more professional teams and Prof. Dr Dang Luong Mo said he felt very happy as the city leaders defined the chip industry was an important field in economy-society development.

From 1969 to 1971, Prof. Dr Dang Luong Mo was a researcher of Toshiba Central Research Institute of Japan.

In 1973, he was director of National Technical Institute.

From 1983 to 2002, he was invited to be professor of Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan. In Japan, he had more than 300 research works and over 10 patents and inventions. Many of his research works have been extracted in research books published in the US, especially his textbooks have been using in universities across  the world.

By Tan Ba- Translated by Huyen Huong

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