Registering sex domain names rises

Despite long-time concerns about sex domain names and their pornographic content, the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center has still approved and provided domain names to individuals and companies

A search result for ‘sex’ finds sex domain names, such as (Photo: Lao Dong Newspaper)
Sex domain names are still registered

While searching ‘sex’ on the internet, limiting the search within Vietnamese websites, users can find a long list of results. Most of the listed domains were provided by the Center.
The domain (‘brothel’) belongs to Zhuo Huang from US based Hi-Tek Inc while its sister was offered to Viet Nguyen.
Hi-Tek Inc also owns various domain names with sexual content, such as,, sex,, and, all distributed by the Center.
Domains, for example ‘sexy,’ can even be found in unrelated addresses, such as .edu – for educational use. The domain belongs to Ngo Quang Hoa.
This is not the first time that the Center has released such controversial domains.
The first case became public when, registered in 2006, was a hub of pornographic material. This website was banned in 2008 after articles appeared in the media.
Releasing sex domain names
When asked about the issue, the Center said that they would still offer these kinds of domain names to the public if there is a demand and will keep control of the content. However, it is seemingly a big mission and not easy.
The case of is a clear example. After being registered, the website was not banned for two years and not because of the Center.
Various other searches like danvip, okie, and daythi, based around young teenage girls, with pornographic material were discovered by Lao Dong in 2008.
It took a long time for relevant departments to act. The Ministry of Information and Communications and the Centre took some time to consider the cases and finish completing administrative formalities before deciding appropriate punishment.
Websites with sexual content continue unmolested even when touched upon by the media.

Source: Lao Dong Newspaper – Translated by Truong Son

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