SHTP submits over US$966 million to state budget

The Saigon Hi-tech Park (SHTP) on its 17th anniversary of establishment announced its impressive achievements, including the submission of more than $966 million to the state budget so far.

SHTP submits over US$966 million to state budget

Up to 2019, SHTP has been able to attract investment for 156 projects with the total Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of $55 billion per 55 projects or $95 million a project. During the same phase, it lured 101 domestic projects with the total registered capital of VND39,777 billion (approx. $1.723 billion), equivalent to $17 million a project.

Among the above 156 projects, the number of operating businesses has stably increased from 24 companies in the period between 2006-2010 to 56 ones from 2011-2019.

Until September 2019, SHTP contributed more than $966 million to the state budget, with a dramatic rise in the last 4 years as tax incentives for some projects expired. It is estimated that in 2020, the budget revenue will reach $1 – 1.5 billion per year.

Several prestigious international groups and corporations like Intel, Nidec, Jabil, Sonion, Sanofi, Microchip, Nipro, Datalogic, Samsung, Rockwell Automation are sited in SHTP.

By KIM THANH – Translated by Tuan Lu

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