‘Smart City 360o’ conference to focus on real-time interaction solutions

The second ‘Smart City 360°’ conference will be held in July 2018 by the Institute for Computational Science & Technology (ICST) under HCMC Department of Science and Technology, introducing and exchanging solutions on smart information systems, mostly focusing on real-time interaction and its application in building a smart city. The event is expected to reach positive results after the success of the first ‘Smart City 360°’ conference.

‘Smart City 360o’ conference to focus on real-time interaction solutions

HCMC officially launched the project to make HCMC a smart city in the period from 2017-2020, with a vision to 2025’.

The four pillars of the project include a center used for simulation to forecast socio-economic strategy, a center of information security, a shared database center as well as an open database eco-system, and a joint-operating center. Therefore, the solution on real-time interaction is highly practical.

“Scientists, experts, and businesses will introduce feasible solutions in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, information system, information security, urban management, government management, traffic and transport, environment, and health. Noticeably, the conference has received attention of leaders in related state offices in HCMC and other provinces nationwide”, stated Doctor Doan Xuan Huy from ICST, representative of the organization board of the ‘Smart City 360°’ conference.

All content of this conference will include the information technology research program to serve a smart city and Industry 4.0, with a strong focus on the four scientific and technological research programs in the period from 2018-2020, and a vision to 2025.

These include also research on building an open testbed platform; the model of an open database system with strong analyzing tools to support and use management applications; developing applications on the platform of Internet of Things (IoT); solutions to implement artificial intelligence with to help cyber security as well as the development of typical applications for a smart city and Industry 4.0.

The significant of the second ‘Smart City 360°’ conference is the link between research and real-time implementation in many organizations, businesses, and state bodies.

The presentations and exchanges in the conference will focus on a range of issues such as researching and applying Internet of Things systems – devices, automatic monitoring systems, intermediary interactive systems; sharing experience and results of real-time experiments or simulations of systems in aspects related to smart city.

Experts will also discuss research and application of different models, synchronous response analysis technique, and optimal real-time interaction in order to solve particular problems in traffic, environment, and health.

The topics of hardware and software architecture related to real-time interaction such as communications infrastructure, structure of specialized memory, integrated circuit equipment for real-time applications, simulation software for new architecture and applications.

The conference is also an opportunity for experts, scientists, and businesses in the field of information technology – telecommunications discuss solutions for the connection and interaction between computers and human beings, as well as applications into particular aspects.

By BA TAN – Translated by Thanh Tam

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