Smart energy attracts much attention in Vietnam

To boost activities in the field of smart energy, the Saigon Hi-tech Park Incubation Center (SHTP-IC) has just cooperated with the non-profit organization New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia to launch the program New Energy Nexus Vietnam to seek feasible solutions and products for startup projects.

Many startup groups and businesses in the field of clean energy take part in the New Energy Nexus Vietnam. Photo by T.Ba

Many startup groups and businesses in the field of clean energy take part in the New Energy Nexus Vietnam. Photo by T.Ba

The program New Energy Nexus Vietnam has three stages, the first of which lasts from April to June 2019 to attract the public’s interest on energy, gathering startups in the field.

The second one will be a Hackathon on smart energy, held in June 2019 and focusing on developing products via mock-up models. In this stage, a mentor team will support participants to select the best ones for the final round.

The third stage, from July 2019 to June 2020, will concentrate on incubating 6 to 8 practical projects since the idea phase to the last phase of forming a business to perfect its product and then launch it onto the market.

Running this program, New Energy Nexus hopes to support startup people in the fields of clean energy and energy conservation, smart electricity grid, energy saving, energy management, electricity vehicles, using Internet of Things, block chain, digitalization in the energy industry.

Thanks to rich resources, wide networks, and 12 years of experience in aiding startup businesses, SHTP-IC is able to offer high-quality services as well as individual help so that people with innovative ideas are able to perfect their products, establish a business for themselves, and commercialize their goods in the shortest time and with the lowest overhead cost or risk.

According to Mr. Le Thanh Nguyen, Director of SHTP-IC, his organization is an excellent place for people to connect with experts and consultants of the energy field in order to foster startup projects.

SHTP-IC is also professional in the tasks of offering specialized consultation, necessary infrastructure, legal help, intellectual property right registration.

After products are made, SHTP-IC will continue to aid participants in market survey, trading strategy building, and capital attraction.

By BA TAN – Translated by Vien Hong

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