Teledensity Reaches 30.5 Lines per 100 Inhabitants: MPT

More Vietnamese want to subcribe mobile phone services these days. (Photo: TK)

The telephone density in Viet Nam is currently 30.5 line per 100 people, equal to 10 million new subscribers in 2006 nationwide and a 188% year-on-year increase, announced recently the Ministry of Posts and Telematics.

According to a statistic recorded by the ministry, the total number of telephone subscribers in the country to date reached 25.5 million, of which roughly 4 million were subscribers for Internet services.

In addition, the network coverage at present includes more than 18,900 stations and around 29 of the total 64 provincial and city’s post offices nationwide had successfully provided their services to 100 percent of communes.

By Tr.B – Translated by Trong Khuong

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