The Platform to Launch Viet Nam’s Agriculture to Higher Level

In the past two decades, the Southern Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (SIAST) in Ho Chi Minh city has made an important contribution in shifting Viet Nam’s agriculture to a highly technological one.

Many scientific researches conducted by the SAIST have become the solution of the agriculture’s technology, economy and social matters of Vietnam’s major agricultural products such as rice, pepper, pork, beef…

According to Associate Professor and Doctor Bui Ba Bong, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the contribution of former institution’s founders lays the foundation for later generations of scientists to follow and promote the institution’s activities.


The remarkable achievements of the SAIST is in the farming activities and farmer’s lives.

To Viet Nam’s farmers, seasonal diseases in rice are the most dangerous disasters. However, the institution’s scientists have carried out many researches and then timely developed new anti-disease rice varieties, for example the NN94.

Cross-breed cows are raised in the SIAST’s farm.

Besides, other recent rice varieties created by the scientists are swelled to farming in many provinces of the Mekong Delta River. Among these varieties are the IR50404 and the special VND 95-20, which was recognized as one of the five major rice varieties for Southern provinces in producing export rice.

On the other hand, the SIAST scientists also contribute to the breeding development with the hybridization of dairy cows, meat cows with the cross-breed Sind cow, which improves the source herbs’ quality and increases effectively the production capacity of the breeding industry in the Southern area.

Also, many achievements in science and technology are handed over to the farmers living in underprivileged areas, including some in central coastal provinces, the highland and south-eastern areas, and the Mekong Delta River.

Cross-breed cow varieties such as V98-1, V98-2, V 2002, VN 25-99 with high productivity, low prices and good anti-disease ability are grown popularly in the South-East and the Highland of Viet Nam.

Future plan

For Viet Nam to develop its agriculture to a stable and highly technical one, the SIAST plans to carry out a strategy to have more researches in science and technology, restructure the organization and promote the staff training.

According to Dr. Pham Van Bien, Director of the Southern Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology Research, the staff’s professional and comprehensive knowledge is to shoulder the production demands from doing research to applying new technologies, farming, harvesting, processing, storing and even consuming matters to the major for products of the Southern agriculture.

Besides, the institution also researches on many high technology production models in agriculture, aiming at providing products with high quality and competitiveness.

According to Deputy Minister Bong, the SAIST’s recent achievements core closely related to the government’s reform policy in the development of Viet Nam’s agriculture and rural areas.

T.B - Translated by: Trong Khuong

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