Viet Nam eyes future of software testing

Viet Nam has great potential as a centre of excellence in the field of software testing, according to the US-based software testing company LogiGear.

The software testing market is a niche segment within the IT outsourcing market, with global market size estimated at 6.1 billion USD in 2005, according to the US-based IT research and advisory Gartner Group.

LogiGear Viet Nam CEO and President Hung Nguyen said though India is Asia’s undisputed market leader of offshore services and China the leading challenger, Viet Nam could offer fierce competition in the niche segment.

Software testing is an empirical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of a software product or service in the context in which it is intended to operate.

India ’s young software testing market, which started around 2001, has an estimated value of 1 billion USD (Meta Group). The industry has created an estimated 40,000 software testing professionals in 2008.

”Though Viet Nam’s software testing professional level is at only 15 percent of India, the 6,000 professionals in Viet Nam will more than triple and grow to 25,000 by the year 2011,” said Nguyen.

Viet Nam ’s edge would be hinged on its skill-based approach that produces a workforce with advanced software testing and automation skills higher than those of the two other countries, he said.

The intent of software testing is finding software bugs or errors to ensure optimum software performance for various industries.

Nguyen said the Viet Nam market’s viability was based on cost of labour, workforce suitability; political and economic stability, government policies on business and intellectual property protection, and facility in English of its IT graduates and professionals.

LogiGear Corp has been expanding its operations in Viet Nam since 2005 as Viet Nam is seen as a favourable location for offshore outsourcing.

Source: VNA

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