Vietnam to increase cyber security capacity

The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with global cyber security company Kaspersky Lab to implement solutions for domestic online security challenges and expand the cyber security capacity of the Vietnamese Government.

NCSC cooperates with Kaspersky Lab to enhance cyber security in VietnamNam

NCSC cooperates with Kaspersky Lab to enhance cyber security in VietnamNam

Accordingly, this MoU introduced 4 rules of observing transparency by allowing NCSC and related agencies to access the source codes, update and check different parts in Kaspersky Lab’s products via its Transparency Center sited in Zurich of Switzerland; sharing information and related databases via NCSC; supporting each other in cyber crime investigations under the monitoring of NCSC and related offices.

NCSC plays the role of monitoring and ensuring the safety of the information systems for individuals, businesses, as well as state offices. It also safeguards information databases and technical systems to guarantee network security for the government and law enforcement agencies.

Kaspersky Lab owns cutting edge technologies that are protecting more than 400 million users and 270,000 business customers. It offers services for terminal equipment, along with many leading professional security solutions to fight against increasing sophisticated cyber risks.

When the new Law on Cyber Security is in effect, this MoU aims to enhance the ability to develop network safety in state offices in the era of Industry 4.0.

Mr. Stephan Neumeier, CEO of Kaspersky Lab Asia – Pacific, commented that the Law on Cyber Security in Vietnam has shown network safety being considered one of the top priorities in the nation, and thus this comprehensive cooperation would become a typical instance of information and professional knowledge sharing, bringing definite benefits to both sides.

Statistics from Kaspersky Security Network demonstrated that in the last quarter of 2018, there were 992,952 cyber attacks originated from Vietnam, making it one major source of threat in the world. 21.5 percent of users here had to face risks, and the country was always in the top-three of the most infected nations.

Mr. Maxim Frolov, Vice President of Global Sales of Kaspersky Lab, shared that mutual trust and close collaboration between the state and private sector were necessary to ensure network security. 

“We are pleased to work with NCSC and expect to see real benefits from this MoU to the Vietnamese. Joint effect is the best way to fight against cyber criminals, who normally act regardless of physical borders. We share our own professional knowledge and technologies to the world since we believe that cyber safety needs the help of the whole community. We hope to do our best to support Vietnam like we have been doing with other nations”, said he.

By TAN BA - Translated by Yen Nhi

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