Vietnam to launch Vinasat-2 satellite this month

Vietnam will launch the Vinasat-2 satellite into space on May 16, according to Phan Hoang Duc, deputy director-general of the Vietnam Post and Communication Group on May 9.

According to VNPT, the present Vinasat-2 launch will help boost the existing Vinasat-1 satellite, which was launched in 2008 and is running out its capacity.

The launch of Vinasat-2 satellite, which was approved by the Prime Minister in 2009, is estimated to cost around US$280 million.

The satellite is designed for a life span of about 15 years and will serve Vietnam and some surrounding Southeast Asian Regions.

The satellite is a replica of Lockheed Martin A2100, similar to   Vietnam’s first satellite, the Vinasat-1.

Vinasat-2 and Vinasat-1 will together provide satellite communication services to customers. In addition, the two telecom satellites will help strengthen the nation’s network security and benefit the community.

Hoang Cong Lam, deputy director of Vietnam Telecom International Company, a subsidiary of VNPT, said his company had begun negotiating with customers over contracts to lease capacity of Vinasat-2 over six months back.

Vietnam Telecom has greatly benefited after a three-year contract with Vinasat-1. The first satellite now has 150 standard and high-definition TV channels, attracting both local and foreign clients.

At present, the C-band of the satellite is operating at 75 per cent of its capacity and the Ku-band is running at 95 per cent capacity. It is forecast that the satellite will be fully utilised this year.

Vietnam Telecom found great potential in the satellite rental market in Vietnam, notably the demand of cable TV service operators. VTC, K+ and AVG are now clients of Vinasat-1.

Furthermore, local mobile service providers also need to expand internet connections to remote areas. All of these will benefit with the launch of Vinasat-2.

By Tr.Luu – Translated by T.Huong

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