Vietnamese users lose US$387million in 2015 due to computer viruses: Bkav

Viet Nam's leading internet security firm, Bach Khoa Internetwork Security Centre (BKAV), yesterday announced Vietnamese users lost some VND8.700 billion (or equivalent to US$387,237,000) in 2015 due to computer viruses.

Last year, the total damage done by viruses accounted for VND8.5 trillion, Bkav said on its website, citing findings from a survey it conducted last month.

The loss was calculated based on the income of the users and the amount of time as their work was disrupted by malware issues, BKAV explained. As per the internet security company’s finding, each computer user in Vietnam lost an average of VND1,253,000 (US$55.7). With at least 6.98 million computers in use across the country, the total damage was VND8.7 trillion,” Bkav said, quoting the number of computers from Vietnam’s White Book on informatics, computers, and technology.

By Bkav’s statistics, USB is the most equipment which is most infected with computer virus in the country currently.

Up to 83 percent of Bkav’s finding participants said that their USB is infected with viruses at least once a year. Last year,  85 percent of computer users complained that their USB have been infected with viruses.

Over 9.1 million computers are reported to infect with many types of viruses in 2015 showing the computer and USB using in the Southeast Asian country. The most common virus in USB in Vietnam is W32.UsbFakeDrive because it spreads through opening drive. It is high time that Vietnamese computer users should change their habit of randomly using their USB to protect computer and the network community.

Also as per Bkav’s report, in 2015, around 62,863 new different virus types were created in the country and 61.7 million computers were infected with these viruses. Most infected virus is W32.Sality.PE which infected over 5.8 million computers. Around 5,226 websites of companies and organizations including 340 websites of the governmental organizations and educational facilities in the country were hacked.

Also as per Bkav, of 2 mobile phone users in Vietnam, one is regularly bothered by SMS spam messages this year. Compared to last year’s figure, the number of mobile phone users continued receiving at least an unwanted message a day though authority issued fines to these people spreading spam as well as imposed many sanctions to spammers.

Everyday, around 13.9 million SMS spam messages are spread to mobile phone users in Vietnam.

93 percent of Vietnamese Facebookers said that they regularly face with spam and obscene videos or link with malicious codes. Not only disturb facebookers but spam distributors also swindled people with interesting promotion. By Bkav’s statistics, around over 1,000 new and scam facebook are created per month to steal account of users; accordingly people should verify information and not follow unreliable link.

By Tran Binh – Translated by Anh Quan

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