VNG introduces many cost-efficient technological solutions

VNG Corporation is impressively introducing many technological solutions in the event of the 2nd Vietnam International Exhibition on Products, Services of Telecommunication, Information Technology & Communication 2018 (ICT Comm 2018) happening now in the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (located at District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City)

VNG employees are introducing the company’s solutions to interested people.

VNG employees are introducing the company’s solutions to interested people.

In this event, VNG is presenting significant solutions like Vinadata – a server on the platform of cloud known as On premise cloud; 123CS – a mobile switchboard on the platform of a smartphone; and 123Wifi – Wifi control system based on cloud platform.

Founded since 2007, Vinadata is able to deliver service for more than 10,000 servers of VNG, while also offer a large number of Cloud Server (a server on the platform of cloud) for other businesses in the market.

Meanwhile, 123Wifi guarantees that clients will have a stable wifi system for Internet connection, creating a strong foundation for the new Internet of Things ecosystem. The most prominent features of 123Wifi include focused management, speed control, connection diversity, and easy management. One notable advantage of 123Wifi is that it can optimize Marketing cost for businesses via the function of Wifi Marketing.

With the above solutions, enterprises can, to some extent, establish a strong infrastructure. However, in a long term, when they develop more and gain a larger number of customers, customer services become a critical part. That is when 123CS comes into use. 123CS - a mobile switchboard on the platform of a smartphone – is a smart solution made especially for customer services.

Besides possessing similar functions to a normal switchboard, 123CS can also easily integrate telephone prefixes like 1900, 1800, and 028 to become a business’s hotline; automatically store clients’ information to display the next time that same client contact the company, making it much easier for operators to serve the client.

Moreover, it costs nothing regarding equipment for a switchboard or internal calls, while providing a new working method for operators in that they can work everywhere nationwide. What is more, the installation process is simple and quick. These in general can reduce operation cost by 90 percent.

According to Mr. Le Qui Quang, Director responsible for 123CS of VNG Corporation, all solutions that VNG brings to the ICT Comm 2018 are the most prominent of the company to meet the demands of many businesses, especially startup ones.

By KIM THANH – Translated Yen Nhi

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