VNNIC offers free domains in Vietnamese language

The Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) under the Ministry of Information and Communications yesterday began to offer free registration of domain names in the Vietnamese language.

Free domain names in the Vietnamese language will be given to any Vietnamese and foreign organizations and individuals on a “first come first serve” basis.
Organizations and individuals can register for domains on five websites, namely;, www.tê,, and www.tênmiềntiếngviệ
The free issuance is aimed to create an internet environment purely in the Vietnamese language for domains like Việ, đạihọcbá and chợBếnthà
Domains in the Vietnamese language will have an important significance in technology integration and will introduce Vietnam’s internet capabilities to the world.
Using Vietnamese domains will also protect ideas, product names, services and trade names in the Vietnamese language on the global internet network.

By Tr. Binh – Translated by Chuong Hy

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