Jetstar annnounces new flight routes to Viet Nam

Taking low cost tickets, tourists can easily travel to HCMC on summer season from Australia-TL


Low cost Australia airline –Jetstar has just announced their new low cost tickets and flight schedules for their new international service from Sydney-Darwin-HCMC.


From September 2, Jetstar will add more flights for the route from Sydney to HCMC and Sydney-Darwin-HCMC.


In addition, Jetstar will open new flights on October 27, 2008. Passengers will only have to check in once in Sydney to get two boarding cards for their journey from Sydney-Darwin-HCMC.




Sydney -Darwin

JQ 73

Departure time: 12:35                                                   18:40


HCMC –Darwin                                                         Darwin-Sydney

JQ 74                                                                           JQ 74

Departure time: 22:25                                                   08:35 (+1)


By Le Minh

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