Anpha Petrol Cup 2008 Kicks Off

The Anpha Petrol Cup 2008 officially kicked off yesterday with five qualification matches, two of which ended in draws.

The first draw was an unexpected result for the Dong Nai Berjaya who had a good performance last year. The GTC Tay Ninh gained much better from their previous training and became a formidable opponent of the strong Dong Nai Berjaya.

While Dong Nai Berjaya showed a lot of weaknesses in their attack, GTC almost lost their lucky chances, at least two, to take the lead. 

No scores were gained in the match, but at least five penalty cards, including five yellow and one red card, were shown by the referees.

Another draw came from the match between Huada Hue and T&T Ha Noi with a result of 1-1. A beautiful pass from right wing of Huada Hue’s Dong Phuong, his teammate Flavio finished with an accurate volley, helping Huada Hue to take the lead at the 80th minute. After wasting a lot of time, T&T Ha Noi’s Maxwell and Van Thanh found a score via a coordinating performance at the 92nd minute. With little time for more scoring, the match ended with a 1-1.

Among the three remaining matches yesterday were Dong Thap Cement and An Do An Giang; Vinakansai Ninh Binh (V.Ninh Binh) and Quang Ninh Coal; and TN.TB Quang Ngai and Military Zone Seven.

V.Ninh triumphed over their opponent to reach a 3-1 victory. 

The last two saw Dong Thap Cement and TN.TB Quang Ngai all gained one point for their 1-0 victories against An Do An Giang and Military Zone Seven.

By Staff Writers – Translated by Truong Son

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