Will Nguyen Phuoc Long beat the Magician Efren Bata Reyes to reach the final?

The San Miguel Asian 9 Ball Tour – Ho Chi Minh City’s leg come to the final day.

During the last two days, it has brought many big surprises to pool fans not only in Ho Chi Minh city but also around the region. A series of the Event’s seeds soon said goodbye to the Ho Chi Minh City’s leg. They were all defeated by what is called the “Vietnamese storm”.

Nguyen Phuoc Long in the quarterfinal match against Yang Ching Shun at San Miguel Asian 9 Ball Tour (photo - thaivy)

Nguyen Phuoc Long of Vietnam, who defeated the Event’s No. 1 seed, Alex Pagulayan of the Phillippines in the first round, stormed into the semifinal of the San Miguel Asian 9 Ball Tour on the second day of the Event with an emphatic 9 - 7 won over another seed, Yang Ching Shun, 2001 World Games champion in Akita of Japan and 14th Asian Games 9 Ball champion, and became the most surprising to the Billiards circuit.

According to the result of the draw, the “Magican” Efren Bata Reyes, who has earned many world titles in pool sport, is Phuoc Long’s component in the semifinal, today. Will Phuoc Long be able to beat his “pool idol” as Phuong Long said, to become the first Vietnamese cueist to reach the final match of  Asia’s top players to earn qualification to the World Pool Championship every year?

An expert of pool sport also shared his idea to the reporter. Mr. Nguyen Minh Hoang, Tournament Director of this year’s Event, said, “We are right to think of a victory today even though it is hard to beat Efren Bata Reyes, who is more dominant in the competition experience as well as fame than Phuoc Long. However, Phuoc Long also has his own strong point. He has good mentality which has helped him come over two seeded players, Alex Pagulayan of the Philippines and Yang Ching Shun of the Chinese Taipei.”

Ms Diana Chan also mentioned an attributable factor to Phuoc Long’s victory today. She said, “The strong support from the at site viewers will give much motivation for Phuoc Long ‘s success.” Mr. Hoang shared the same idea with Ms Diana Chan on this factor. He reminded of 22nd SEA Games – Vietnam, when Efren Bata Reyes lost control to the great support from the viewers towards the Vietnamese player and finally lost his game.

With supporting factors mentioned, we have the right to think of a victory for Phuoc Long today

as Efren Bata Reyes said in a press conference, “In pool, everything is possible. If one breaks the ball well, he might win, so it is hard to tell about the future in advance.”

“I wish to compete with Efren Bata Reyes, my pool idol, for a long time. I am happy to play with him,” Phuoc Long answered the question that a reporter in the press conference asked him after he booked a place to the semifinal.

What do you think about his possibility and his chance today? To me, the writer, I hope for a new thing for Vietnam pool this time.

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By Thai Vy

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