Balls Keep Rolling over Anpha Petrol Cup 2008

“Seven matches with seven surprises”, some of the viewers commented after an enthusiastic performance of the Anpha Petrol Cup’s second round on Saturday. 

GTN's Hai Thuong (L) and DTC's Minh Hung

The first shot in the second round was a competition between T&T Ha Noi (TNN) and Vinakansai Ninh Binh (VNB). 
TNN did not have any luck in scoring, whereas, VNB was given a golden chance to break through the goal of TNN at the 77th minute thanks to the efforts of foreign striker Fabiano. 
Not long after, the score became a conflict between the VNB Coach Vu Truong Giang and the referees. 
Fabiano finished his shot in the offside position, and thus the score was not recognized, referee Ngo Quoc Hung ruled. 
As a result, the match ended in a draw.
On the Tay Ninh Ground, the visitor fans were very excited with a landslide victory of their team, Dong Thap Cement (DTC) over the host, Giay Thanh Cong (GTC) Tay Ninh (GTN). 
The host soon proved their excellent skills in the early in the first half and attained the first score at the 8th minute thanks to an accurate volley of midfielder, Tan Truong to enter the goal of DTC.
Not waiting too long, the match saw the visitor even the score at the 13th minute due to a closely combined operation between Duoc Em and Thanh Binh. 
The host did not waste any time in taking the lead again with two scores at the 20th minute thanks to an excellent corner of Duc Nghia and a dangerous finishing strike of Thanh Son and the 44th minute thanks to the foreign player, Balista.
The visitor found their second score at the 57th minute when striker Essien made a great pass to Adriano and quickly delivered his ball to his teammate Duoc Em before Em shot a successful fire. 
At the 70th minute, the DTC was cheerful with an evening score thanks to a good shot of Viet Cuong. 
Six minutes later, GTN’s replacement Adriano made a serious mistake when passing the ball to the wrong person, DTC’s player Duoc Em and Em promptly turned that golden chance to set DTN as the winner
The two matches on the Miliaty Zone 7 and Military Zone 4 grounds were the most boring on Saturday. 
While the match between Military Zone 7 and Military Zone 4 saw Nguyen Thanh Phuong with his only one score at the 31st minute bring the final victory to his Military Zone 7, the match between Military Zone 5 and Thanh Nghia Thach Bich (TN.TB) Quang Ngai (TQN) also saw a desperate draw.
The Quang Ninh Coal did very strenuous work during their match against Huda Hue on the Cam Pha ground, before getting the final victory with only one score at the 39th minute due to an accurate penalty of striker Daniel. 
On the Tien Giang Ground, the local viewers mostly screamed out in excitement after a happy ending of the host, Shoes Securities (SHS) Tien Giang (STG), a 4-1 victory over the visitor, Dong Nai Berjaya (DNB). 
Without Argentine striker Gomez, the host would surely have suffered a loss, however with the host scoring four goals. 
The host soon saw their first score at the early first half, at the 5th minute thanks to striker, Huynh Phuc Hiep. 
The three scores were in a series starting from the late second half and into extra time. These were made at the 62nd minute thanks to Thanh Tuan, 78th minute thanks to Anh Thoai and 90+2 minute thanks to Phuc Hiep.
The only breach of defense the host suffered happened in a mess before the STG’s goal at the 41st minute. The player who scored that was DNB’s, Pham Huu Phat
The last match was another draw between An Do An Giang (ADAG) and Hancofood Can Tho (HCT) on the Long Xuyen Ground. 
Not many people were really impressed with the match but the visitors’ fans were quite satisfied as their team gained one more point from the match. 
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By Staff Writers – Translated by Truong Son

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