Thais Dominate Viet Nam Open Bowling Tournament

Thai men achieved leading positions in the fourth Viet Nam Open International Championships 2006, staged at Saigon Superbowl in Ho Chi Minh City from June 24 to July 8.

From L: The first runner-up, champion and second runner-up in the Men Open singles receive their prizes (Photo: Tuong Thuy)

Sithiphol Kunaksorn, Surasak Manuwong and Tosrin Kunawat, all of Thailand, ranked first, second and third in the Men Open singles. Besides, Kunawat and Buntusakun came third in the Men Open doubles. First in the doubles were Nguyen Quoc Thai and Dao Danh Hung of Viet Nam; and Malaysia’s Eric Ang and Jonathan Lim came second.

Kunaksorn, Manuwong and Larapharat of Thailand also ranked first in the Men Open trios, leaving the second position to three Koreans and third place to three Malaysians.

Notably, Kunaksorn and Jonathan Lim were the only two bowlers in the tournament that earned 300 points in one game. In these games, they knocked down all ten pins, missing none, with each ball.

From L: The first runner-up, champion and second runner-up in the Ladies Open singles get their prizes (Photo: Tuong Thuy)

In the Ladies Open singles, Korea’s Kim Eun Jung ranked first, followed by Netrviseth of Thailand and Ili Syazana of Malaysia. Kim and her Korean teammate Lee Eun Ock won the doubles.

In the Ladies Open trios, the group of Kim and Vietnamese women Nguyen Thi Huyen and Huynh Ngoc Diem Thuy came second. The winning group consisted of Natalie Shelly from Australia, Lai Kin Ngoh of Malaysia and Chien Hsiu Lan from Chinese Taipei.

Viet Nam made progress in the tournament because two men (Nguyen Quoc Thai and Dao Danh Hung) and two women (Huyen and Thuy) were among the highest positions in the Men Open and Ladies Open categories, which are only for professionals.

Lower than Men Open and Ladies Open are Men Grade A, Men Grade B and Ladies Grade A. The categories also consisted of the singles, doubles and trios.

Nearly 100 Vietnamese and 98 foreign bowlers competed in the tournament. All prizes were worth US$40,000. The foreign bowlers came from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, Chinese Taipei, South Korea and the US. Australia and South Korea took part for the first time.

Reported by Tuong Thuy

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