The advance of Vietnam in the regional level playing field.

The openning ceremony of the 23rd SEA Games

Despite the downturn in the gold medals compared to the 22nd SEA Games – Vietnam, Vietnam has one step forward to be one of the key players in the regional area with the spectacular and quite persuasive achievement of 49 gold medals from the basic events of the Olympic Games ( 8 from athletics, 8 from chess, 5 from gymnastics, 7 from wrestling, 4 from Taekwondo, 4 from judo, 3 from shooting, 2 from fencing, 3 from canoeing, 2 from billiards, 2 from cycling, one from swimming and the other from women’s football). This has, in fact, brought Vietnam up to the best outing in its ever participation in the biggest Games in the region so far.

Let’s go back to the 22nd SEA Games to years ago when Vietnam was the first ever host of the most important sport event in the region to get into in sight what is so called “the fabulous advance of Vietnam Sport in its level in the regional level playing field at the 23rd SEA Games – Phillippines.

With 158 gold medals gained from athletics, shooting, body building, canoeing, cycling, Judo, Karatedo, taekwondo, wrestling, wushu, fencing, women football, handball, table tennis, billiards –snooker, fin swimming, chess, gymnastics and shuttle cock and other none Olympic events like pencak silat, rowing, traditional boat race, and sepaktakraw, Vietnam stepped up in the medal Tally to win the crown of the 22nd SEA Games. However, this victory has not received the regional recognition and absolute persuasion from its counterparts in the Games as its number of gold medals achieved for principal events in the official competition program at Olympic Games as well as its quality were not considered high as other sport powers in the Southeast of Asia like Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia in the professional and level sense.

But this was changed at the 23rd SEA Games when Vietnam showed to the region its

Vietnam's athletics on throne at the 23rd SEA Games

 new image. The medals turn down in amount, yet their content as well as color has sharply changed at essential events in the Olympic competition programs.

It is obvious that Vietnam has successfully done what it had never done before, which deserves to all efforts the Vietnam sport team has made for its national honor. The gold medals were down in quantity, but it was their quality that counted for the outlook to the world playing field such as Olympic Games and ASIAD of Vietnam sport in the future. The 24th SEA Games is to be held in Thailand, where Vietnam has the dream of moving higher in the medal tally to gain the second crown in its history.   

vnexpress. The hat trick victory of vietnam women's football at SEA Games.

However, to realize that dream, Vietnam, in the expertise outlook, still has a lot to do in advance right now for events down in their levels at the 23rd SEA Games beside the definite success in main events. Critical analysis should be done thoroughly as well as efficient training static should be applied to ensure the dream will come true.

Reported by Thaivy

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