The Strength Unity will Count

As a branch of the big tree, Ho Chi Minh City Volleyball Association has been many times in  unstable periods as its mother tree – Vietnam Volleyball Federation. However, there have been remarkable changes to Vietnam Volleyball. So has there to Ho Chi Minh City Volleyball.
The bronze medal which was first time achieved by the men’s team in history and the second successive silver medal by the women’s team at the 23rd SEA Games have partly demonstrated the reality of the above comment on Vietnam Volleyball.

One week before The Ho Chi Minh Association finishes its 4th term, Mr. Nguyen Ba Nghi – a familiar face in the volleyball circle of the city in various roles of a player, a national coach and currently the vice - president of Ho Chi Minh City Volleyball Association spoke to SaiGon Giai Phong Online in his Phan Dinh Phung office about Ho Chi Minh City Volleyball and its future.

Nguyen Ba Nghi, deputy president of Ho Chi Minh City Volleyball Association.

SGGP: Vietnam Volleyball shows its gradual progress in the 23rd SEA Games arena.

Mr. N.B Nghi: This may be true to the men’s team because it won the first ever medal, though just a bronze medal, at such an important regional event like the SEA Games, but the women’s team is showing its maturity in strength and asserting its regional position with victories at the SEA Games in Vietnam and in other recent games in the Philippines.

SGGP:It is said that the victory has been built on the unity and the reform in place.

Mr. N.B Nghi: Yes, it has. The reform having been conducted for recent years by the Vietnam Volleyball Federation has resulted in our achievements at the latest SEA Games. It allows volleyball clubs nationwide to have foreign players in their clubs, which really affects the local playing and the coaching task. Our national coaches have really had a close - up to professional volleyball at the regional level and young players have been exposed to advanced technical experience through training tours abroad and above all, it is the national honor that brings the unity strength for the won victory.

SGGP: It seems that the city association has also done many things in its 4th term for the sustaining of the city Volleyball ever to be No. 1 nationwide.

Mr. N.B Nghi: It is true. We used to be leading all the nation’s members in volleyball. That was our pride for a long time. However, we have lost this. The Ho Chi Minh City Volleyball Association will finish its 4th term next week We have partly fulfilled its mission socially through specific practices, for instance, being the host of important international tournaments like ASEAN Jr. Women Volleyball and Asian Jr. Women Volleyball Championships in 2001 and Asian Women’s Volleybal in 2003 under the authority of Vietnam Volleyball Federation and the support of Ho Chi Minh Sport Department. Furthermore, we have successfully built up a new representative for the city volleyball gathering young talented players playing under the name called the volleyball team of the sport talent school. With the support from Ho Chi Minh City Sport Department and the cooperation of the national training center No.2, the volleyball team of the sport talent school has been upgraded and will play against other strong teams in the national premier league in 2006. Last but not least, we restored the Ho Chi Minh City International Volleyball Tournament last year, which had been temporarily interrupted for nearly 7 years. These achievements are the result of the devoted contribution of official members of the association in an effort to restore the reputation of the city volleyball.                                              

The volleyball team of the sport talent school, new representative of HCMC volleyball

SGGP: Could you tell the time of the meeting for the 5th term?

Mr. N.B Nghi: It will be held after the Lunar New Year

SGGP: Anything new in the mission of the 5th term compared to the 4th term?

Mr. N.B Nghi: As you know, the next waves always top over the previous ones. It is an unnoticeable life principle. So does the city volleyball. In fact, the new members of the association should have to step by step further to strengthen the city volleyball with concrete measures. In my opinion, the following should be first proposals taken into consideration in proposing new mission for the association in its 5th term such as having clear steps for the development of the city volleyball, inviting sponsors for national competitions as well as international tournaments in helping the city players upgrade their techniques and levels, inviting businesses of various sizes and kinds enthusiastic with the city volleyball to sponsor or invest in the volleyball team of the sport talent school.

SGGP: In your opinion, what is the essential factor for the success of the above mentioned mission?

Mr. N.B Nghi: We cannot one day turn our dream to truth. What is important in taking back what we have lost is the unity strength. This only exists when all the members of the city association get closer in the right sense. I want to add one more thing that should be thought of in the next meeting. That is the reorganization of the city association in order to gather the unique unity strength for the professionally purposeful development of Ho Chi Minh City Volleyball in the future in term of socializing sport in accordance with the Vietnam Sport policy and professional orientation of Vietnam Volleyball Federation.

By Thaivy

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