Viet Nam Takes Lead in Group-B

Starting with four replacement players, including goalkeeper Vinh Loi, fullback Xuan Hop, center-back Minh Chuyen and Tien Thanh, Vietnam Coach Alfred Ridle expected a landslide victory over Laos, but reality adversely intervened.

Goalkeeper Vinh Loi tries to block a volley attack

Early in the first half of their match with Laos, Vietnamese players again made unwarranted mistakes and disappointed both their coach and fans at the Nakhon Ratchasima City Stadium.

Their defensive line ineffective and strikers lack both attack speed and close collaboration.

As a result, in the sixteenth minute Laos’ Vilasack Phothilath caught a high volley past sweeper Long Giang and volleyed his teammate Lamnao Singto. Singto quickly made a hard strike straight at past goalkeeper Vinh Loi to gain the first goal against Viet Nam.

The early loss did not dampen Viet Nam’s spirits and only eight minutes later, Viet Nam evened the score when outstanding fullback Viet Cuong received a bounce-back from the Laos goal and burned it back through the Laos defenders’ chaos past goalkeeper Toulakham Sitthidaphong.

Viet Nam then succeeded in blocking Laos’ counter-attacks through in the last minutes of the first half, including some dangerous volleys and attacks from the penalty area.

Vietnam’s players seemed to thrive in the last minutes and satisfied coach and fans with another score to ensure a victory. In the 44th minute, striker Cong Vinh jumped and drilled the ball past the blocking of Sitthidaphong directly to teammate Thanh Binh waiting right at Laos’ weak spot. Binh quickly doubled the score for Viet Nam.

In the second half, Laos tried in vain to break though Vietnam’s defenses but all their attempts were blocked or missed.

The game closed at 2-1 for Viet Nam, giving Viet Nam three more points and the lead in Group B while Singapore settled back into second with five points after their draw with Malaysia.

Viet Nam will compete against Myanmar and Singapore against Thailand on December 11th.

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By Yen Nhi – Translated by Truong Son

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